Lf offers for my strong sunken sword

Offer anything and I’ll see if I’m cool with that.

my kidney

sunken legs + 3 arcspheres

Ew, no.

was my offer really that bad

Nty. At least this was more reasonable than the other offer tho.

Not ur offer, I’m talking about the offer of a kidney.

ik i was joking. does sunken legs + 2 seasonals pique your interest?

Not really.

U got a sunken chestplate?

if i did the trade would be about the same value, but not rn.


what 2 seasonals

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skull chains/death crowns

ill do it but the sword isnt maxed, i can give you a hard scroll or smtn to make it equal

got a power scroll?

its level 90 i forgor imma just max it

yk im not sure about this deal yet, ill give you a ping somewhere in case you still have it if i change my mind. sound fine?

4 death crowns? can do adds if needed

I have a good offer 1 galleon.