LF powerful warrior armour (preferably purple) and purple mercenary armour (preferably clean L50)

Offering mainly crowns and amulets, i check discord much more so you can also DM @Oz#4474 from Vetex Discord Server.

also if youre trading on the forums, crowns are worthless
you might be able to get crown trades in game

Ik, im trading in games at the same time, just posting this incase someone does have them spare bc ingame trading still painful.

why does everybody go to shit on a crown trade when it’s just common items :fr: also the dude said he’s trading amulets which are worth more anyway




one man’s rubbish is another’s treasure :slight_smile:

its only randoms who don’t know values, but saw that one reply from one trader saying how crowns are worthless but they didnt bother trying to figure in what context

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yas tru

@moderators might have been my imagination but I barely recall reading something to mention staff or mod when you need a trade topic closing, first time on forum sry.

regardless people have reached out and i’ve gotten all the items i needed so im not trading for these items anymore

just make the title name “Completed” or “close” while you waiting it to close

Yeah, you could do that, but you have to @ a specific mod because you don’t have the permissions to ping the whole group.

Also, topics in #marketplace get closed automatically after a few days so you can just let them be. If you want them closed earlier, that’s fine as well.

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