List every flaw you can think of about WoM

No, vetex didn’t list them all, tell me some features in WoM YOU think are flawed.

Receptiveness and the weird combination of the combat and the (presumed) mechanics



damn, everything supposedly.

Are you referring to PvP or combat in general?

Combat in general, since this was supposed to have survival, but can you really do that sort of thing while everything is on fire because of you?

Mfw we were made to do marathons around Magius just to beat up some bandits

Dying at half health for no reason against bosses

Fucking literally.

  1. Lore barely makes any sense. If they lifted AN ENTIRE FUCKING ISLAND 16 KM LONG AND 10 TALL IT WOULD ALMOST COMPLETELY WIPE OUT THE ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET. The earthquake would flip the entire ocean. I highly doubt that the war seas would still be around a month after. Even 1000 years is just way too short for such an earthquake to be recovered from. Not only this but durza LITERALLY TAKES OUT AN ENTIRE CHUNK OF THE ENTIRE PLANET AND THROWS IT BACK (I think. At the time of making this I didn’t check the lore so I may be wrong) This should destroy the planet entirely. There’s no way for earth to still be standing after having a giant chuck of itself basically be boomeranged back at it.

  2. The pve. The pve is disgustingly boring. It’s just a bandit beater. Only reason why it’s fun is because unlike other bandit beaters. With these bandits there’s alot and people enjoy taking out crowds in seconds. Other than that the bosses are either easily cheesable. Or in the cases of kds and the captains they’re just pure bullshit where cheesing them is the only solution to win.

  3. The pvp… Do… Do I need to explain?

  4. Grinding… Fishing for multiple days on end for a sword that will have it’s overall value decrease ridiculously after the next few updates: The game. As for bosses. Travel 3433634646542349 meters to find and bully minotaur/exiled for that one boss drop that will be unimaginably irrelevant and replaced when AO comes out

  5. Travel. Alright I admit. I love my fair share of continent walking. In fact I love it. But this is mostly referring to vetex not giving the entire thing. It just feels empty now but luckily I dont play wom anymore so no fucks given

  6. Crowns.

  7. Reputation… You ever just get legendary hero. Then all of a sudden some random level 1 attacks you. You blast him out of existence and all of a sudden you’re a demon rep and then swarmed by 325234 magic council captains?

  8. As I said… EVERYTHING


-Lack of soul, with most things being randomly generated even down to quests, there’s no room for memorable characters with development or interesting side quests like most modern RPGs have these days. Even the player’s starting location is randomly generated, meaning that we don’t really have a “starting location” to get attached to, since where we spawn is random. Random gen would have also led to problems in the future such as insane travel distances. Eventually when the continent was complete and you had to fight the Exiled, it’s not out of the question that he’d be on the complete opposite side of the continent
-Lack of foresight, there wasn’t much thought put into the early game so grinding to max level is just beating up bandit camps or doing fetch quests which is incredibly boring
-Rushed storyline, this is pretty self explanatory, and the fact that the storyline seemed like an afterthought rather than an integral part of the game like it was in AA is part of why the storyline feels so sloppy
-Boring postgame, there is nothing to do after Level 90 that isn’t incredibly grindy and tedious. There are no rewards for exploring the map, no rewards for figuring out what those statues say, you will only be rewarded if you sink ridiculous amounts of time into grinding for items and PvPing for infamy (before the wipe was announced)
-Poorly made map, the fact that the map is a continent isn’t what makes it bad, but moreso the fact that it doesn’t properly utilize ALL of the space that’s been made available. Horses should have been added immediately from the start IMO and the continent should have utilized its spacing more to create beautiful scenery rather than generic grasslands. AA had a lot of variety with its islands and WoM could have a wide diversity of biomes if Vetex planned the map a bit more and changed some things
-Magic Council and the fines system are incredibly intrusive and outright annoying, as well the reputation system being stupid at times. If you’re a good rep and you break stuff in a bandit camp, you will LOSE rep. That’s stupid considering most of the storyline is just destroying bandits and bandit camps


No need to get aggresive, i just asked for your main idea of the flaws.

couldn’t agree more

  1. Bitch ass RNG
  2. Bitch ass PvP
    I take my leave
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understandable, have a great day

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I’m not being aggressive though??? What I said is literally a flaw.

Walk simulator
bandit killing simulator
one-sided progression
unbalanced magics due to being limited to 1
killed weapons
painful early game
EXTREMELY boring end-game
80% of all weapons are near useless
bad guild system
not very friendly to low-end pc
no support to mobile/console(?)
lack of variety to enemies
rarest gear that is ridiculously hard to get and will be overcreeped very soon
Some of the fishes are only obtainable in a ridiculous way(good thing maybe?)
updates take 1-2 months to add a Decent amount of content
poor pvp balancing
reputation and magic council system is pretty wacky
Opening your inventory can literally crash your game or lag it out for literal seconds
cultures doing nothing in general
crown farming being a waste of time because of codes


The magics are balanced and can counter each other well

As a poison user I can tell you poison is good

it’s not AO. :frhigh:

everything and more

  • its a running simulator
  • codes are broken for levelling / crown farming
  • some magics are obviously better than others (shadow, water, wind)
  • guild glitch kicks you out of your guild
  • infamy is literally just killing someone, it gets boring
  • never not laggy
  • omfg why did the fucking metalworker go to sleep this is bullshit lqfewflwnef2fe2o;pjfi2efd
  • little timmy keeps spamming a sturdy woj and a swift vastira for my strong sunken sword and i cant turn off / block him
  • terrain destruction when pvping
  • get stuck in the ground when it heals over you
  • high jumps put you in ragdoll sometimes
  • some casting animations spaz you out when youre on the ground and you do them, or when you do them at the end of a solid magic high jump
  • sometimes when you cast down a cliff of sorts, you shoot straight instead of down
  • get kicked out of all your guilds when you change your roblox username
  • exiled spams raging storm when even one tiny rock is in between you and him
  • his dash attack sometimes doesnt even work, he just tumbles on the ground
  • some servers, the bosses are broken. they stand still and only move when you hit them. they move, do one move, then be still again
  • weapons are shitass
  • weather in coli