List roblox facts u prob didnt know before

let it be known simp is tagged in roblox

also list facts about roblox u didnt know till some part where u accidentally found it out

lmao is tagged
it didnt used to be

Proper nouns can be considered against ToS. I once tried to upload an image with the word “Tongass” as a joke off-brand Amazon (Tongass is the name of the largest national forest in the US). I got warned for it and the image was taken down.

There wasn’t any hidden or unreadable text, literally just the word as a fake logo. Probably thought it was bad because it contained “ass” but that’s roblox moderation for ya.

lmao is just tagged to hell due to “toxic use” probs.

Before the ROBLOX forums were taken down and even way before they were merged, there was a secret subcategory that could only be access by changing the ID number in the url. If you posted in it, however, you would get permanently terminated and every post you ever made would get wiped. I still have no clue what it was used for but it was sort of a ghost story on the forums even though it was real

sexpistols used to be uncensored

maybe that is just some admin subcategory.

probably because it was a name of a band
and a good band at that

Pretty sure uwu is tagged now.

i heard that if you play roblox for 666 seconds you die instantly go to hell its true it happened to me

the filter is shitty because people abuse it so much, since communitysift or whatever the filter algorithm is is based on machine learning

if you get a word/phrase tagged for seemingly no reason, it’s probably because 100 “edgy” roblox filterpassing kids kept spamming the word as a stand in or dogwhistle for something innapropriate

At this point basic sentences get completely ganked while I see borderline swears everywhere I go