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add soggy moldy bread magic

damage is pathetic
a level 3000+ major does 2600 damage with an iron beam

Only if you actually make a readable description

magic only idea


When a magic user reaches level 100, they gain passives that can be active all the time or only in battle mode

Battle mode passives deal damage and are generally meant to help you win the fight

like, Fire magic would generate flames wherever their feet touch the ground, giving area control

and Wind magic would do something like summon strong winds that do minor damage but mainly just push people around

for non battle mode passives (you have to choose which you want btw, you can’t have both battle and non battle passives) something like Ice magic users walking on water while sprinting by generating ice sheets under them, Wind users making air platforms, etc

this is probably a dumb and unbalanced idea but it sounds fun

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Saying “Idea rejected”, “Can somebody ban this idiot”, “Mans dying cuz he doesn’t want to make an effort to write correctly”, and “I’m gonna kill him” are definitely as annoying as “whiny pissbaby” every 3 messages

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i just realized this might be one the first threads (besides reminders for AO) to hit 1k in a good while


True dat

successful thread is real


bladed, dual bladed, blunt, heavy blunt, bow, claws, pistol, dual pistol, musket, polearm, axe, heavy axe, thrusting, katana, staff, heavy bladed, light bladed iirc

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Literally how

Pretty sure this will soon be the fourth lomgest thread ever :
1rst place : Reminders for AO Part 1
2nd place : Reminders for AO Part 2
3rd place : a off-topic thread, about telling a word in relation with the word above who reached 4.5k replies

Boss concept:
Thánatos, The world eater
Level: 10,250
Health: 85,000
The death curse, Apocalypse bringer.
The death of light, a legendary spear.
An unfathomably powerful conjurer wielding the death curse, said to be able to cause the death of many worlds.
Light-slaying charge, a series of 3 charges at the player, dealing 3,000 damage each if they hit.
Apocalyptic downfall, a series of 10 beams cast from the sky at the player, dealing 2,500 damage each if they hit.
Death’s arrival: A spread of 25 blasts aimed at the player, dealing 500 damage each.
The bane of light: throws 3 copies of the death of light at the player with moderate homing, each
copy dealing 1,800 damage.
The End Of Light: an ultimate attack, thánatos jumps into the air and rapidly descends to the ground, instantly killing anyone close enough and dealing 7,000 to anyone far enough to survive.
The death of light: 5%
The cloak of the world eater: 10%
Drop info:

The death of light:
Legendary spear
A spear once wielded by the world eater, it has claimed many lives.
Q - A simple throw, deals high damage
E - A series of charges at the cursor, each charge dealing moderate to high damage.

The cloak of the death eater
Legendary chest piece
500 power, 2 insanity.
Description: An extremely powerful cloak, once worn by the world eater. You feel uneasy merely holding it.

Intended to be fought with 4 players at level 1000.

Magic Slam (Rare Spell)-
Create a bunch of projectiles in the air and quickly slam them into the ground.

Focus Slicer (Lost Technique) - The user quickly 3 ranged slices.

Dash Rushdown (Lost Technique) - The user dashes towards the opponent and launches them into the air, before dashing quickly up to them and performing a small barrage of punches.

Titles -
Universe Shatterer
Own all weapons and armour pieces in the shattered space set.

Mist Lord - Defeat Abelard Crest 5 times

New Treasure Hunter - Open 10 of each chest type.

Treasure Hunter - Open 100 of each chest type.

Good Treasure Hunter - Open 250 of each chest type.

Amazing Treasure hunter - Open 1000 of each chest type.

Legendary Treasure Hunter - Open 2500 of each chest type.

Godlike Treasure Hunter - Open 10000 of each chest type.

Badges -
Universe Shatterer - Own all items in the Shattered Space set

Title Collector - Own 10 Titles

Finale - Have 3 max-level files with a finished story. Unlocks something special.

Core Magic (Ancient Magic):
Description -
There’s something about this…
It seems off?
A magic that allows the user to deeply affect the opponent. It can cause slight insanity and it will copy any attacks it clashes with, sending them right back to the opponent in a weakened form.
Due to these effects, it has a very small magic size.

Damage - 1.3x
Speed - 1.1x
Size - 1x
Terrain Destruction - 1.1x
(Ik these stats are low I just didn’t want to make it too op)

Some chest types have a less than 0.1% spawn chance :skull:

Speed is decent, size is low and damage is very high, so balanced stats overall

They better get grinding then

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Either that or get rid of the 10000 chest title

That’s an eupheism

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Ok this is probably the last thing I’m going to do today -

??? (Boss)


“Something feels… off?” - The player

??? Is a boss that can be first fought after gaining the Finale badge. The next time you join a game on a LVL 1000 file after gaining the badge, text appears on your screen saying “Something feels off, you want to return to where it started”

When you head to Dawn Island you will find a strange dark purple portal, heading into it will teleport you to the boss fight.

Lvl (Initial) - 1000

Lvl (Stable/Unstable) - 3000

Lvl (Stable/Unstable, Refight) - 5000

Build - ███████

Stats (Initial) - Identical to yours

Stats (Stable/Unstable) - 3x yours

Stas (Stable/Unstable, Refight) - 5x yours

Just because it’s not too high of a level doesn’t mean you won’t perish.

This boss can only be fought solo.

No help can be found.

Phase 1 - Clone

“It’s me…” - The Player

“It’s me…” - The Boss

Abilities - All of yours, every magic you have, all the spells. Every skill, every fighting style.

Every weapon.


This is the initial stage of the boss fight, it has the exact same hp as you, and does not need to charge energy. It is very aggressive and will not give you much chance to recover.

Phase 2 - Rush

“What… What is going on” - The Player

This stage is activated once you defeat the first stage.

The boss heals to 1/5th of the player’s HP and then starts teleporting around rapidly.

The boss still looks exactly like you in this phase.

It does not need to charge energy.

It is more defensive this time, giving you a chance to recover.

Abilities -

Teleporting about

Core magic blast attack.

Phase 3 - Stable

“No… no… no…” - The Player

This stage is entered after defeating Phase 2

The boss Levels up to 3000 (First fight) or 5000(All fights afterwards)

Its stats increase according to the LVL change.

The boss heals to 100% hp

It now looks like a dark silhouette of the player’s character.

It is not quite as aggressive as the first stage, but still very aggressive.

It does not need to charge energy.

Abilities -

Core magic blast attack

Core magic beam

Core magic high jump

Core magic multi blast

Core magic meteor

Core magic zone

Core magic barrage

Core magic explosion

Core magic slam

Phase 4 - Unstable

“Why… What did I do to you… Please… Stop it” - The Player

This stage is entered when Phase 3 is defeated

The boss has the same stats and LVLs as the last phase.

It is a dark silhouette of the player’s character with glitch effects. It keeps flashing in and out of existence.

The boss heals to 50% hp

It isn’t as aggressive as the last stage but is still decently aggressive.

It does not need to charge energy.

All insanity effects dealt to the player last for 2x longer

Abilities -

All from the last stage.

Core Magic: Echoing Requiem of Reflective Death.

Creates a large magic circle somewhere on the battlefield, any player who steps on this will be instantly evaporated.

Once this stage is defeated, the boss disappears, leaving not even a wisp of shadow behind.

You hear a faint whisper “I tried…” fade away


100% Chance - Spell scroll of any rarity

100% Chance - A random amulet of a Major or rarer quality.

50% Chance - A random rare+ weapon (Cannot be sunken or anything really rare).

50% Chance - A random rare+ armour piece (Cannot be sunken or anything really rare).

25% Chance - A set of random ingredients

2% Chance - An item from the Shattered Space set (This won’t be the only way to obtain them)

2% Chance - A lost spell scroll.

1% Chance - An ancient spell scroll.

This boss is not the final boss. This boss isn’t canon to anything in the universe. This boss is only a challenge for people with no friends people who want to fight a boss truly solo. It is a mark of dedication.

Dusk Anomaly (Dark Sea Location)

An island that is an exact replica of Dawn island, if you head into the portal you will be teleported to the ??? boss fight. During the stable and unstable phases of this boss fight, the boss’s lvl will be 5000 instead of 3000.
Once beating the boss you will be teleported out of the dark sea with all the loot you found inside. Dying to the boss in this fight will make you lose all your loot.