Little rant about how school can be so ass sometimes

So I go to online school, which I don’t mind since I can easily view and fix assignments with a bad grade. (just for context so you know i’m not at brick mortar school)

So at Monday I was looking through the assignments I have to do (freshman), and I see a science assignment that I’m not allowed to work on until Thursday (today), so I don’t really pay attention to that since there’s other stuff I have to do.

And now it’s Thursday, and when I look at that said science assignment, it’s a mfing project with 9 PAGES that I have to do, and the due date is TODAY. wtf a project that’s only allowed to be worked on, on its due date. i’m so annoyed dawg it’s only the last thing i have for today but holy shit i hate this teacher

you can put your own little rants about school here too if you want


My spanish teacher gives us hours of homework a night and would still give you a 0 if she wanted to easily

Not to mention she’s really unspecific about stuff and once she says it the first time if you didn’t hear it in class you bet your gonna fail the assignment, her teaching style is too quick with no transitions

Yea teachers can be really good but there’s so few good ones compared to the bad ones. Wish that the school administrators would actually hire fair teachers that explain things.

my math teacher gives us homework. but thing is you don’t get a grade from doing it or not doing it. But tests are a good chunk of the grade. If you don’t do the homework and don’t know what you’re doing you fail the quizzes and tests and your grades tank.

That sounds like an ok-ish way of learning, but it sucks that if you flop a test there’s basically nothing you can do about it since you have no homework you can complete to make up for the test’s poor score.

yep. just gotta do better on the next one.
oh btw its honors Pre-Calc.


tbh this year hasn’t even been that bad for me yet, its a lot better than my last 2 years that i did online
god 2 years of online school has to be the worst thing i’ve ever done in my life

What do you even do in pre-calc? Rates of change?

uhhh isn’t that reasonable


as for me… i’m undiagnosed but convinced that i have adhd. never got medicated for it. but anyway the teachers would still punish me for zoning out or being hyper when it’s not my fault.

in fact, in 4th grade, i got like 4 infractions from these hoes IN THE FIRST WEEK ALONE and my parents considered transferring me to a private school.

this is unrelated to adhd but in 5th grade i was done with my end of year test, had checked my answers thrice, but still had 30 minutes to spare. the teacher proceeded to pull me out of the class cause i should’ve been checking my answers over again or smth. guess what i scored on the test. ADVANCED.

i have more but no other ones come to mind rn

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I had a teacher that wanted 5 paragraph essays just about daily on topics literally nobody cared about.

Same year my science teacher made me write a 4 page essay about the nature of science as a concept because I was 5 seconds late to class.
This same teacher kept us on chapter 1 for the entire first quarter.

I will say that I know the metric system quite well now, but that sums up literally everything I learned in 7th grade science.

Today I will rant about my fifth grade teacher. I will call him Demonic Stick Bug Man.

So in the beginning of the year Demonic Stick Bug Man seemed fine but then by the second semester I realised how bad he really is. So there was this girl in my class and she can sometimes get upset and overwhelmed about schoolwork. She would then say stuff like “I can’t do it!” or “I’m to dumb”. She would also start crying from the stress and Demonic Stick Bug Man would tell her to stop crying and stuff and she would yell at him from the stress and just being upset. So Demonic Stick Bug Man would scream at her and be like “HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT ME!” and stuff like that. There were also times when she would be sitting in the corner crying and he would pretend like nothing is happening so I would go talk to her myself. This and Demonic Stick Bug Man yelling at her would make me really mad.

Yikes, you have my condolences.

I really have nothing to complain about school since I’ve been pretty lucky with teachers and students for a while :/
Schools fun when you want it to be.


School is fucking crazy dude, the difficulty shift from 10th to 11th grade is absolutely insane :skull:

First week i gotta do a test in geometry that sums up everything i learned last year + some stuff i gotta do some studying myself, Keep in mind this is the 3rd day of school, we are later revealed in that class that we will have daily homework of writing a 5 sentence minimum (keep in mind this is still math) for homework almost everyday ontop of the weekly quizzes + the random worksheets the teacher might give out. Keep in mind this is one class btw. So far third week and i’ve already had to do 3 essays (all of them had a 1 day due time) ontop of 60% of my class having weekly quizzes so there goes your study time unless you are ready to spend the entire night up. Tests for medical are absolutely insane as you have to remember around 30-40 terms by heart give or take and if you misspell the term by even a letter well there goes your points for that question :person_shrugging: , also basically every class besides the easier ones like history and PE assign hw almost every day. Did i mention this is only the third week? Well it is and knowing my school, things get MUCH more overwhelming/ overbearing over time

School is fucking difficult dude, especially 11th grade where making up work doesn’t basically exist at this rate in my school.

If I have one good thing to say basically all of the teachers there are pretty chill (except the IT team and councilor, I fucking hate those bastards)

What’s that?

information tech

With all of this, how do you have time for the forums?

What normalbox just said, but they don’t really do anything in my school. Most they really do is take like 3 days to replace a charger (btw which they have hundreds of in their storage) and actively track others :person_shrugging:

I personally dislike them because they reset my computer for downloading pokemon insurgence on it, keep in mind I wasn’t playing during class or anything like that. They called me in to reset my computer to reset. The thing is i had all my schoolwork there (i didn’t do my work on google docs and slides, (which autosave) and instead you have to save it is a file, which i did save, yet they reset without letting me even back it up

Usually use it during free-time during class/ lunch and luckily i can finish my homework pretty quickly (usually takes like 1-2 hours at max) so i have some spare time

That’s just messed up.

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