Little rant about how school can be so ass sometimes

What is even more confusing is the guy that did it is like 17 (idk how he even got hired) so you think you think he would understand but apparently not :moyai:

school for me is pretty easy

ive been doing online school since 5th grade, its easy for me and i dont have to even to 70% of the “work” because its just a few slides where i have to read things i know already

omg this makes me so fucking pissed

hate online school kekw

what you guys got during covid isnt the same as what i do

my school is a slideshow you click through with a quiz at the end sometimes or an assignment rarely, takes me only 5-15 minutes per class


Actually, me too. My mom goes to therapy and she was talking to her therapist, and she mentioned how me and her phase out a lot and if we have ADHD. She said that it’s very likely that we have it. Just a little thing I thought I’d share, since we’re both undiagnosed probably ADHD.

Also update, I was able to finish that assignment at 6 pm, very tired and drained but a nice shower helped.

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oh yeah not me but my brother was once called a GANG LEADER because him and his friends skipped D.A.R.E (drug abuse resistance education) back when it was optional.

bitch you’re a fifth grade teacher getting paid minimum wage who yells at me a lot why the fuck would i respect you

I never had that kind of system when I was doing online school.
Whenever a project was posted you could work on it whenever and my school gave us a huge amount of time to complete these projects.
So I would get projects done early and then whenever I would have a class with finished projects I would just listen to music or play games until my next class.

Online school was so laid back for me that one day 4/5 classes I had my projects done in so I would just show up to the meet and just chill.

Honestly kinda miss online school a bit