Looking for 10 of each 4th of july items


I am offering bursting mino legs.

I am open to bartering but I think its a pretty fair trade.

horrible offer

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i can add but im pretty sure they were duped to hell weren’t they.


They were but most got deleted, they’re worth around the same as halloweens

so is boss drops??? overpay

or underpay

one boss drop for 10 of each is a terrible trade. I wouldn’t even take a bursting mino boot for one

k what about 2 clean mino boots then and a bursting mino set is that fair

I wouldn’t take it

july items are seasonals and you want 10 of each. If you offer these items you may get 2 of each

ok so what would you say i would have to offer for 10 of each cause this is the only items i really don’t know the value of

what about halloween seasonals for july seasonals would that be fair 20 for 20

L if giving july items in terms of value. And to be honest i rarely see anyone trading july items

what if i offered a sunken for it as well as other boss drops/seasonals

sunken stuff would be attractive enough.

even just 1 clean peice of amour plus other boss drops/seasonals

I don’t see why you would need to add if it’s just that clean sunken.

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