Looking for a Shadow moveset

Title says it all, I’m a shadow user and need a moveset.

Sure helps, thanks!

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You’re a fire user. I doubt you have much brain to process a thought anyway


You don’t have any synergies with shadow magic, so you’ll need to focus on raw stats and power alone.

Shadow is basically light magic that sacrifices speed for some damage.
It loses nearly every clash in the game, but it beats Ice, Poison, Plasma, and Wind, all of which are very popular magics.

I would recommend using some spells with low blast size in order to gain a higher projectile speed; Smaller projectiles actually travel faster than large ones. Your blindness effect also stacks, so attacks that can easily and consecutively hit the enemy are good.

Your stats are all above average, so you can honestly just go for whichever stat you want. Casting speed, Magic Size, or Power all seem like good options, but magic speed might be good too.


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It was him saying, “Delete your file, Hope this helps!” so can I not perish pls

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Lmfao ok.

Not really, I’m 90% they just give off that feeling since being smaller makes it look as if more distance is being covered. I mean judging from this gif they seem to be the same speed if you factor out the bigger projectile seemingly exploding earlier (due to being, well, bigger).

Either way since Shadow is a fast magic small projectiles are very valid and your point still stands. And Shadow’s colourblind does not stack.