Looking for any sunken sword (clean or any enchant that isnt hard)

1 x strong sunken chest (pseudo clean in AO)
1 x clean sunken helmet
2 x hallowed 1
1 x death crown
other random seasonals that fit the rest of the trade slots

(i know that this is considered an underpay but i have faith someone out there wants to do it)

to offer DM : afhnd#2127


:sleeper: i honestly hate myself for failing the 1/4 when i got a sunken


how do i enlarge the image like youu

dont know what you mean by this but im fairly sure unenchanting wont be a thing

aka one of the 10 stubborn traders still going at it on the forums
moral of the story is dont count on this post, try to lowball in wom

Strong on armor is going to be clean

  1. yes iam one of these
  1. wom players are either entirely new or know that the trade is a downball so no real point in going there (also its less effort to just post them here)

  2. it doesn’t hurt anyone for me to post these so no one gets affected by them at all. so i don’t see why i shouldn’t take the chance even if its a fraction since i got nothing to lose

and no i wasn’t counting on this post just testing my luck

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