Looking for clean sunken sword

Trading 1 hard sunken sword + 1 hard mino axe for clean sunken sword

I can add if you want

My disc- yer friendly neighborhood doktor#6319

underpay currently.

what about + 5k

crowns bad :nod:

  • 1 strong oathkeeper + 1 exiled helm then?

hm I suggest just adding a bad enchant sunken. (if u have one) I sadly have not found a clean ss, I’m just a commentator :frpensive:

oof, I don’t have any other sunkens xd

hm strong oath, exiled helmet and vastira plus hard ss should be enough. I’d probably do it after a little thought


oh and also I have some Halloween items on a diff slot

How do people even have sunken armor and weapons. Or even boss items I never get any.

trading and grinding :nod:

Hours and hours of server hoping and copy pasting the same question. :frpensive:

yeah :frpensive: shit takes a long time

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