Looking for guild

Hi I am looking for a good guild for me because I tried making a guild twice and it just didn’t work out for me. the first one no one joined and if they did they weren’t active. the second one I got absolutely destroyed in pvp and realized maybe I shouldn’t have a guild. so now I am trying to join one.
Username: GalaxyDragonX201
Nickname: Dragomir Water

Description: I am not too good at pvp (would want to get better at it) but I am good at things like boss hunting and money earning. I am pretty active, may be not active at times.

Looking for: an active neutral guild with no clear goal and a friendly community

comment on this post for additional info you may need or if you want to recruit me

It’s not like you need one. Not right now at least

ya I don’t but right now WoM is the only thing I can actually find fun and I want to do more than just walk around getting crowns. it gets kind of repetitive.

i can take you in my guild add me on discord Tavanaros 2 1 1 5

Hi you can join plenty of guilds dm me for what you would like in a guild. JorisRoblox#8298

don’t join tavaranos guild, it’s not a smart idea


Join suncry, no cap.

hes already in my guild

yeah but you’re still underage.

@liuser it’s confirmed he’s metaex if you want I can show you pics. Even if he’s not he’s either tigerbaby or witchway who both are 11 years old.

no i aged up to 13 30 may

i was 12 but now im thirteen

Ah. Alr.

I find that hard to believe but okie doke. welcome to the overage club.

join the tigerbaby123 cult