Looking for Hard sunken chestplate or clean

I can offer wizard armor enchanted and clean , also Halloween items , boss drops like oathkeeper and exile armor

oooooh this is a huge underpay I recommend you get several sunkens or maybe a clean/swift sunken sword with a little more sunken armors as adds

Unfortunately this is big underpay. You will to offer other sunkens for a hard sunken chest

Oh btw quick tip: switch the order of the items youre offering around. Reading that you can first of all offer wizard items will likely annoy people since wizard items are the least valuable thing in your offer (unless they have good enchants in which case they might be more valuable than some of the other stuff youre offering)

Ouch, you’re gonaa need a lot more, like A LOT more. Chestplates are the most vateluable piece of an armor set. Since this one is a chestplate AND has the best enchantment (hard), you’re gonna need a bigger value.

I recommend removing wizard armor and halloween items (Unless you have headless)
The boss drops are fine, just make sure it isn’t minotaur and get sunkens and this trade should be completed.

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