Looking for high skill players to 1v1

Hi, I wish to become better at pvp.
If anyone here is good at pvp and is willing to 1v1 me, please dm @Maid#0126 on discord. Thank you!
I am also looking for good bow users to 1v1.

Hey I know you

I’m a shit bow user, I can help

If you can dodge a hammer an arrow, then you can dodge a ball magic blast attack

should i use bows?
they seem to be good and meta
but my loadout is clean sunken sword, strong dual daggers, and strong oath
so to bow or not to bow?

I dont know if you’re in a guild or not but here.

For ganking use Bow, Oath, and Axe (if you have it)

For 1v1 use Bow, Dual Daggers, and Axe (or WoJ)

If our aim with bow is awful like mine, then just replace the bow with an old dagger or any other weapon that isn’t Oath. Oath doesn’t clash anymore, making it a VERY high risk high reward weapon. I’ve fought people who used Oath in a 1v1 and killed them almost instantly with a dual dagger, single dagger, then double blast. Oath leaves you extremely vulnerable now.

oof, so i guess my oath isnt as good now ;-;

It’s still viable outside of 1v1’s though. It’s also viable versus people who have a slower reaction speed. It isn’t completely useless, just other options are usually the better choice.

Me: ah yes why not just bring both an oath and daggers

Yeah I’m probably the best PvP player you’ll ever meet when it comes to skill. I’m so good at losing that I kill my opponents using my brain-dead maneuvers.

hi there : )