Looking for powerful mage robe and powerful mage pants (Completed!)

Tell me what you want for them here (note: im running out of boss drops)

but i still have some

15 views and no answer… that makes me sad

What is your offer exactly? Just saying you have some boss drops wont really interest people much. Traders are pretty lazy tbh

any boss drops except bad enchant mino armor

even if its clean mino pieces, youll still need to offer a couple of them
not many people will take mino pieces for meta sets

just offer clean exiled pieces

well i have a few sadly not clean Sturdy WoJ, clean exiled’s leggings, whole clean minotaur’s armor (which probably nobody will want) but I can also give a hard dull defense amulet

Can I get all the armor except the helm?

minotaur’s armor yes?

just making sure that i know what you want

and yes

Nvm I feel bad lowballing you that much. Just thhe mino armor and exiled leggings, then we have a deal :nod:

my username is Kamilnos176

wanna do the trade rn?

yeah I’m warping

im currently in game join me

wait why is the mino armor bursting

ah dont worry
i have a second one that is clean

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