Looking for Powerful Wizard Hat and Powerful Defense Amulet (Dull) (Level 90 each)


I am currently trying to change my equipment/gear and I need these items (which I don’t have).

Looking for:

  • Powerful Wizard Hat
  • Powerful Defense Amulet (Dull)
    Note: Everything should be max level preferably.

Main offer:

  • Hard Wizard Hat (Level 90)
  • Hard Defense Amulet (Dull) (Level 90)
    Note: I do have more than just this, but I’d have to check. Without working icons in the ROBLOX client it’s a bit harder to know or remember what I have. Anyways, I doubt anything else I have is worth more for the trade than what I’m offering right now.

If anyone is interested on trading, message me directly via PMs through the Forum or contact me through Discord: Safety Car#4590

Unlike last time, I have put the offer in the post. I had to fix that, so I did. Offer is now listed on top.


Do you have any rares? I’ll give those for 1 rare :man_shrugging:

Swift Vastira and Hard SS, I can’t give them as I’m using both currently. If I get any boss drop I’ll add that as well.

What if I give you a bunch more wizard armor, a full mino set and full exiled set, a clean woj and a swift oathkeeper for your sunken sword. That way you can have every boss drop and I can have a sunken.

I may have to consider this. Boss drops are getting removed and I don’t know the compensation yet, but having them all would be great. Everything clean except for the Oathkeeper?

I will grind for a clean oathkeeper as I have a habit of enchanting my boss drops. However if I am unable to get a clean oathkeeper, I shall overcompensate with a Strong Oathkeeper.

I’ll one up his offer, I’ll give you 2 mino clean sets, 1 hard exiled chest & 1 hard mino chest, a hard vastira, 2 forceful exiled chests, and 1 swift/hard oathkeeper (depending on what you want) for your hard SS :mariomug:

Glad my days of trading are over

Lmao I bet element took it wrongly


I hate you :frcryin:

Sorry, but I had to.

Oh my god I just wanted a powerful dull defense and a powerful wizard hat, now I’m thinking about these offers.

Give me time. I’ll probably end up accepting anyway, just remember what I was looking for in 1st place.

I think I have those, but I’m honestly just more interested in your SS plus I think I don’t have extras :sleeper:

what if i give you
2 clean mino sets
2 clean vastira axes
1 strong vastira axe
2 powerfull defense amulets + 2 powerfull wizard hats for your hard SS?

Pretty sure my offer is still better, but just to be sure I’ll add on another swift/hard oath.


I will get this trade :eye: :eye:…unless any of the rich traders see this (I really hope they don’t :frpensive:)