Looking for Powerful Wizard Hat and Powerful Defense Amulet (Dull) (Level 90 each)

Am I poor or something?

@BoxMan @LeoTheAbsoluteLegend :troll:


i will give it for a hard ss, i will do the entire powerful wizard set with amulets.

i will give you 2 clean mino sets, 1 hard exiled chest, 1 hard mino chest, a hard vastira, 2 clean exiled chests, and a strong vastira and a clean woj for your hard ss

my offer better :swag:

:frcryin: why

Mm no element’s offer is better

Don’t bid that high your offer was higher than leo’s

*if you were to give two oaths

Ok fine I’ll take it back and just add another 2 more swift/hard oaths… why did you do this to me scallion :frcryin:

I coulda upped my offer as well but I don’t think it’s a very good decision to throw heaps of boss drops away.

Probably not, but I can always just grind s’more + I’d rather have a hard SS rather than boss drops, you’re still making me poor though :sleeper:

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lol my offer better, a clean woj is worth a hard oath or swift (kinda worth depends) and a strong vast is pog, i gave 2 clean exiled chests and when he gave 2 forceful.

Not if I replace the hard vast with a strong one and add a swift one aswell :fr:

i can just add strong oath and 5 strudy wojs

I can always add a keen sunken chest

Isn’t forceful good enchant on EXIled tho?

If you one up me one more time for real though you can just have it I’m not rich enough to afford giving all my good boss drops, thanks a lot @theescallion :frcryin:

Oh yeah forgot to mention the keen sunken chest was a joke I’m not willing to gib that

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bursting sunken helm :shrug: