Looking for Strong Sunken Set

Offering :
SS (Clean) lvl 60
WOJ (Heavy) lvl 80
5k Crowns

DM me on Discord Fuyu#6392

Crowns aren’t really worth anything.
In a trade this big, boss drops aren’t too valuable. So ditch the clean Mino Helm. Keep the Heavy WoJ. Good Boss Drops are still gamer.

Anywho, I personally would call this underpay. I see most people offering Strong SS’s for Powerful Sunken Sets.
Though, for a Strong Sunken Set (for a strength build, I’m guessing?), I would accept it. Strong on Sunken Armour is considered a bad enchant.

ah i see i came back to WOM recently so i still dont know the value of some items

going to change the title to strong sunken set then

Strong enchant is gonna be removed from armor in AO so you’re basically asking for a clean sunken set if we’re thinking long term.

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ah is that so, then i’ll close this post

Why do you want a strong sunken set?

But why? Technically you’re doing something smart, a full strong sunken set is worth LESS than a clean one, since strong on sunken armour is a bad enchant, so basically long term you’re gaining value AND getting a discount.

Clean sunken sword = clean sunken set + a few adds
So either way theyre doing a fair trade long term :man_shrugging:

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