Looking for sunken pieces or sunken sword(swift)

Items i have:

Clean mino chest x3
Forcefull mino helm
Sturdy Woj x2
Clean Woj
Clean oath keeper
Swift oath keeper
Clean exiled leggings
Clean exiled helmet x4
Clean mino helm x2
Clean mino boots x2
Hard mino helm
Nimble mino helm
Strong Vastira
Forcefull exiled leggings
I have a headless but you will have to over pay for it if you really want it that bad cause i want to keep it.
Dm at Corey phantom#2020 to offer

valuable inventory damn :nod:

you can have some if you give me sunken… :flushed:

i would definitely do this trade if I had any sunkens. but I don’t, sorry.

swift sunken sword for headless+strong vastira and a clean oath

I said over pay, not under pay

swift sunken=headless



also no one unless they r dumb would trade sunkens for boss drops

ok then have a good day

you can just say no if you dont want to do a trade

A headless head is likely worth more than a swift sunken sword.

not true, they r = in value

then why did you try to scam me

i offered its ur choice to accept or not

its not a scam bruh, scamming is when you get tricked to doing a trade, this is barely an overpay made by him imo

is this just gonna be me getting lowballed and getting bullied for my choice of words, or am i gonna acually get a trade

Stop overreacting, nobodys bullying you, I’m in the middle of making you an offer rn

Swift sunken sword (lvl 90) + strong minotaur boots, hard minotaur chestplate, strong minotaur helmet for headless head

ppl be wayy too soft here concerns me

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