Looking for sunken sword

I can offer headless head.

you could get a strong sunken sword with a headless

really? wow I got it for 2 minor’s items lmao

no strong sunken sword> headless (for now)

(for now)

Is a headeless worth a clean one or a swift one?


Don’t trade your headless. Keep it, let the value skyrocket.

I’d say trade headless + adds for strong sunken sword, then in AO strong sunken swords value will sky rocket tremendously because of the 25% boost to weapons, as well as fixing the bug on strong enchants that make them do less damage. Then you can trade it for headless + a lot more adds, and hold onto the headless for when it’s value sky rockets after AO

Then again. The trade might stay the same. Considering both of their values will skyrocket :nod: You might not have to add anything different. Headless in the future will be worth more than sunken sword anyway.

yeah but sunken’s value will go up a lot more than headless’ in AO, but when the level cap rises above 100 sunken’s value will drop a lot. basically every item that caps out at 100 will lose a lot of value.

Except for headless :fr: (which doesnt cap out at 100 but yknow what I mean)

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