Looking for swift exiled leggings [closed]

So most people look for good enchant leggings. I just want some swift leggings for reasons. If you’re interested I might have some exiled drops that’ll interest you. an’t get on to see what I have right now.

For you boss drop collection eh ? I think I have them lemme check real quick

Yup have them

k. I can get on in about 7 hours

hmmm. would you like a pair of clean exiled leggings for the swift ones? I have two pairs on my second file.

It will be 1 A.M for me I won’t be able to go online

I might have one, ill check after school

hmmmm. maybe this weekend unless Camreeyan has one for trade.

sure ill take you on that offer.

I think its likely that i have one but im not 100% sure so dont count on it

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