Looking for two items to complete my character, will mainly pay in crowns as I barely have any good items

I am particularly looking for 1x White Wizard Robes & 1x White Hood, I have a full count of 5K crowns, let me know if you have these items.

Crowns are stupid easy to get via code farming and no one really trades common/vanity items.

do you at least have a different color variation for each of these items
would make a good enough trade imo

oh yeah, forgot you made another version of this

Crowns are worth nothing, If you want to trade for common or basically any item you have to give something just as good or something better.

trading crowns for common items like that is fine bro stop being picky

I guess so im just saying you could get crowns so fast by code farming.

and you can get common items so fast by spamming chests and searching peoples inventories


trading crowns for common stuff is fine but most people probably wouldn’t take it because the traders here usually only want trades that give them more value

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are you available rn i need a meta piece and a random common item
nEvErMiNd ThEn