Lost Magic: Vector

Lost Magic Idea: Vector

Hello there. Keep reading, because this is a suggestion for a possible Vector Magic.

According to Vetex’s new lore (don’t know if this is accurate or not), every curse has a magic counterpart, i.e :fire_magic: having a Fire Curse. Therefore, every magic should exist alongside its curse, and so Vector Magic should exist.

Description of It
Powerful magic that will be able to reflect blasts and push other players back. It is more meant to be a support/backup magic to the player’s other magics, instead of a more PvPed based magic.

Possible Abilities
Category: Blast

Vector Push: A semi-powerful blast that will push the user back, similar to :wind_magic_var1: magic. Differences from Wind: more knockback, but instead of the blast dissipating like Wind, the blast will continue to push for a 1-sec count. A longer count would allow the opposing player to be punished in a PvP situation.

Category: Block (doesn’t really exist, maybe as an explosion type?)

Vector Wall: A wall of vector magic that will oppose incoming blasts and reflect them back at the player who sent the original blast. This will NOT reflect weapons, i.e. swords, spears, etc., beams, or explosions.

Category: Explosion

Vector Explosion: As said in the name, an explosion of vector magic that will throw players. It won’t be far, maybe like 75-100 in-game meters from the player (this will depend on the % of the explosion size, but won’t vary depending on self/placed.)

Category: High Jump

Vector Boost: A small-large amount of high jump (again, depending on the adjustments made in your spell) that will boost the user up. Vector waves will form under their feet, with the swirl type of Fire or the ring effects of Poison around it.
Category: Beams
Vector Bem

Category: Ultimate Art

  • Basically any of the above (except High Jump) but just much more powerful. What would they look like as Ultimate Arts?


  • would deal much more damage and push them back much more further


  • would have a much larger block area or a much faster/stronger reflect effect
  • to balance this out, a Ultimate Art block would be a much shorter block time than a regular


  • much larger and deals more damage. maybe a large push back.
  • deals much more DoT over time and a bigger slowdown.


  • basically as above. deals more DoT over time, but this time has a larger and more powerful push back.


  • Not really an AoE that I could think of
  • DoT: User is more prone to more vector attacks, other magics that are boosted by Vector, or is slower over time: smaller T-jumps, slower agility speed, etc. Keep in mind that this doesn’t affect magic attacks. Magic will still have the same speed as before a Vector attack.

Other Mechanics

Lastly, if a player blasts another player with Vector, if the opposing player block, the vector blast won’t push them, but it won’t disappear either. Don’t know how that would work, though.

Environment Interactions

  • Ability to break trees apart
  • Ability push water - an Ultimate Art at high levels like 1000, possibly 5000 would be able to create tsunamis
  • The possibility to push sand and create sandstorms, possibly by hitting sand.

PvP Mechanics are coming soon.


  • what Vector should somewhat look like.

Any suggestions for improvements, nerfs, buffs to it, etc. are welcome in the comments!

Oh, and if you have suggestions for the PvP mechanics, I’m also especially open to those.


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Exactly what I was about to post, lol

so i wrote this for nothing? wow

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well the attacks could still be used so it wasn’t a total waste of time

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wasn’t a total waste of time actually, attacks/environment interactions can still be used

Yes. Nice formatting, sadly too big didnt read.

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Every magic has a curse but not every curse has a magic, I think that’s how it works


now you know how I feel

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O yeah I remember this from AA

Always read the trello

vector is more of a push magic

plus shatter and dispelling

fun for just one person, for everyone else its pain to be pushed around constantly, even if it doesnt ragdoll its torture