Lost/Primordial Magic/Spell question

Do you think that getting lost/primordial magic/spell scrolls will have something to do with the dark seas? Why or why not?

Maybe? Like, from what I’ve gathered it’s suppose to represent the world outside, which is screwed over by Durza’s stupid attack. Who knows, magic harvesting?

Probably, or at the very least, you would be able to find them in the dark sea.

I don’t think the dark sea is what the rest of the world is like, it’s most likely just a placeholder for Vetex to plan the world beyond the dark seas. Tech confirmed there will most likely be a map of the whole arcane world, it would be super lazy if almost all of it was the dark sea, but it would be cool if it was like some sort of infestation that’s slowly consuming the War and Seven seas areas, and that’s why no one ever ventures out

I like to fancy the idea that the War Seas is where civilization is, and the Dark Seas is an unknown, uncharted, and boundless void that no one dares venture into. Primordial magics by definition are extremely rare and lost in time, so they’ll be related to Dark Seas, rather than being found in some random chest like in AA

• you will be heavily reward if came far into the Dark Sea and come back alive
• Lost Magic ( cant remember Primordial, too lazy to check ) will be get from sea activities
So yeah, we would probably be at least get the Lost Magic from DS, probably Primor too tbh

That might be a good way to keep it fresh, what with the randomly shifting islands and horrific monsters/weather and all.