Lost spell: sword


When used, the caster will get a sword made of their magic, when the sword is casted you can’t cast other spells, for every slash with the sword a set amount of magic energy will be taken away. The only way to get rid of the sword is to press the same hotkey you used to cast the sword. The sword will do the same amount of damage as a normal blast attack and will, instead of giving bleeding, will give the enemy your Magic’s status effect (if you’re using glass or other Magic’s that give bleeding the sword will deal bleeding)


Keen: will make the casting of the sword faster
Bursting: will make the sword bigger, increasing its range
Powerful: will make the sword deal more damage
Swift: will make the sword slash faster


Size slider:
You can change the size of the weapon (level 120+)
70% - 100%

Weapon types:
Dagger: smaller size less damage but much faster slashing speed
Spear: bigger size more damage but less slashing speed
Hammer: normal size a lot more damage but far less slashing speed
(If you have more ideas tell me in the comments)

Reason to add: it would be cool to have a weapon that doesn’t depend on the weapons stats but instead your magics stats.

thats how i assumed mastery magic weapons would work

also im pretty sure magic weapons will rely on both strength and magic stats
atleast thats how i think it’ll work

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Fuck, forgot about the magic weapons… this would kinda make those useless…


I close?

You close @macobre

y u ping me sksksk i’m right here

Already a planned spell (though not necessarily in the form of a lost spell). - Meta