Maco becomes mako

Captura de Tela (973)
Captura de Tela (974)
Captura de Tela (975)

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maco makofangirl exposed?

The hehe virus


I mean it has been proven that people who are dating have their habits or quirks in speech rub off on their significant other


can’t find link to the study cause lazy

they’re dating?

i was wondering the same thing

maco is the one trying to get mako to regular rank

600+ results

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i mean…

wait shoot i meant leader mb



(can’t ppl just be good friends? we talk all the time so it’s not really a question that we’d both adopt the same bit)

hah if only i could have a conversation when theres more than 20 people online

Actually, she is married but not to Mako, @ThatAsianInTheCorner can explain

u h

I swear to god, if I end up having to make a Mako + Maco hehe compilation I’ll cri

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it’s almost entirely on discord, you’ll be okay

.-. k