Magic Combo Imbalance?

Currently, it feels like some magics are direct upgrades/downgrades to each other based on their combos. The amount of positive and negative interactions a magic has doesn’t seem to be factored in when it comes to the magic’s overall stat balance. For instance, fire and plasma would appear fairly equal at first. Fire has slightly more damage, but plasma has slightly more speed. However, it has FAR worse elemental interactions. Some magics have it even worse, like shadow. It has ONLY negative interactions, and in AO it will have a new negative interaction with crystal (-25% damage against crystalized targets). Sure, magics don’t need a good combo to be strong, but if everyone else is using powerful magic combinations and you aren’t, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage.

Let me get to the point: Should there be a total stat re-balance of magics to compensate for ones with bad combos, or should the ones with bad combos get new better combos to catch them up? Either way, I feel like nearly all of the magics should be adjusted to keep combos in mind, as everyone will have at least 3 magics by the end.

How can we fix the imbalance with magic combos?
  • Improve the magic combos for magics that are behind.
  • Buff the raw stats of the magics with bad combos.
  • Don’t change anything. It’s already balanced.

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I don’t think it is worth rebalancing magics for synergies until second magics are already a thing.


Sand synergies moment

This makes sense, but then it would suck if we all get to re-pick our magic BEFORE they all get tweaked, and not after.

Can relate.