Magic Firearms

Magic Firearms
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Hear me out here folks as it is reasonable with what Vetex already has planned

Weapons forged out of Arcanium metal which allows them to conduct magic. When equipped, you can select what magic you want to bind them to, and then create a spell to bind to the weapon. Different weapons will have different “boosts”/affects on these weapon-created spells, for example an Arcanium Bow may increase the damage and speed of spells exponentially, but reduce AoE size by a ton, making the attack similar to an arrow.

These weapons will scale with Magic and Weapon level, so they are most effective when used by Conjurers (Magic/Weapon hybrid builds)

These will however be very different than Bows doing much more damage and a specialized reload system.

The Reload System

The user of the Magic Pistol would first charge their magic then equip the pistol and charge again to drain their magic into a magic shot when the chamber is filled allowing them to shoot as many times as the pistol allows. Magic slowly drains from the Magic pistol as well so you may have to recharge often with higher power weaponry requiring more magic energy and leaking more
The Chamber will be a small UI that looks like a revolver chamber and will show how many shots the user has left.

What it will do

Magical Firearms will shoot blasts or beams depending on the weapon. For example, a rifle will shoot a beam while a flintlock will shoot a blast. Weapons like a blunderbuss will shoot a scattershot of tiny blasts. The damage will be very high and will also decrease the size of the shot by a lot the biggest being around a 25% blast.

PvP Capabilities

The weaknesses of this weapon is the reload time high magic use drain and size of the shot but it is an extremely good weapon at close and long ranges but not at mid-range due to erratic battle movements.

magic firearms are sorta planned, but this is a cool idea
pretty sure its limited to flintlock weapons in the lore tho

Ngl hoping for Revolvers and a Maxim Gun Boat attachment

unlikely, but revolvers would be pog
if that were the case i’d definitely go conjurer

considering we have Ironclads for Ships, maybe so

I need my water gun


I want a lightning gun to bonk random ppl

piss your pants

Eh, not sure how viable ranged weapons are gonna be, but cool suggestion either way.

epicly uses the war seas are more advanced than the seven seas so we can have 19th century stuff argument

tbf the war seas may have steam power but thats about it

Steam power is possible with magic too, and also, there could be highly advanced steampunk islands like the one planned for aa

you mean mainland?

I remember the island having a number in its name, I’ll find it brb

It’s on the Arcane trello, it’s called Empirical 43

yes we need firearms such as we had in AA and also magic variants

really there’s not much to say other than this should happen

holy crap that’s far fetched

Ik, the island makes no sense, but it sounds cool af

cool idea found some cool art too

also :frsmile:

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