Magic ratings (and some other poll/form results)

Doesn’t seem like I’ll get any more answers. I’ve seen clicks from the forum but only a 3rd of them at most turn into a response. And thats not counting the people I asked on discord.
Based on answers from 21 magic users:

1 - weak to 5 - overpowered

If you wanna do the form, you can do it here: AO PVP and magic form

Edit: I might make an update if i figure out how to get more people into this poll. My reach on discord is pretty limited so if you want to, it’d be really convenient for me if you would share this poll in the server of your clan or such

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Honestly, kinda surprising with the HUGE difference between Ice and Snow.
Both are very close. Ice does have better synergies though.

I’m honestly surprised that people doesn’t think Glass is lower as well, considering that it falls short in about everything compared to all other magics.

Quite interesting results!

remove pulsar i think pulsar does need quite a few changes to stop everyone choosing mage and make people be a bit more open to other builds instead of mindlessly choosing mage because “hur dur magik”

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Why is earth so low? Where did you poll this from lol, earth just has metal’s stats but with more size, more speed, and no bleed but incredible bleed synergy if you pair it with a second magic that has bleed

It was posted yesterday (I think) here on the forums.

Pretty sure the OP also mentioned something about asking on discord as well.

To be fair, I’m almost certain a lot of the answers and weird results are basically justified not by personal experience or people doing their research, but for the outdated Trello info, such as synergies % & etc.

I’d assume a lot of it is just hearsay as well. I have seen many YouTubers talking up ash, poison, and magma, when in reality ash and poison are both relatively weak, only really strong when the clouds cover the whole area (which is not the easiest thing to do for builds other than pure mage). People seem to think magma has some crazy on-hit damage when it’s pretty low compared to the other meta contenders (Earth, metal, crystal), it just has a mid-long length dot that does medium damage.

Ash being above earth is actually criminal I might add.

Same as glass.

Yeah I am aware that I do mention glass every chance I have and by now you can already call me some kind of glass Lorax, but here we go rofl

It’s pretty much ONLY used by mage builds as a 2nd magic as an easy way to apply bleed for synergy. Most of its stats are average at best, it has low impact damage and a trash DoT compared to all other magics.

Conjurer’s literally get nerfed across the board just for imbuing their weapon with glass and by some reason ppl still think it’s better than snow (which is a very solid magic imo, underrated but definitely a solid magic).

The fact that there are a lot of YouTubers right there just making videos solely based on Trello info (which is outdated), make a lot of people give these weird results.