Magic rework disscussiom

What magic needs a revamp the most? (other than ash, gold, and poison)

I don’t mean a full revamp but…
Make sand and snow piles at least remotely useful. Like make the piles, when hit by a wind spell (or another magic if you can think of anything), explode into a cloud causing the sandy/snowy effect (either a small cloud that lasts a while or a big cloud that inflicts the effect once when the pile explode).
The only use of piles currently is restricted to sand piles when hit by lightning. They turn into glass which, and I’m not even sure of it considering how unreliable that is, could break into glass rubbles when broken. The problem is that, even when considering it can break into pieces, you literally break them during the same spell that broke the glassy sand pile in the first place.

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Wait, why do Gold and Poison need a revamp?

But anyway, maybe Shadow and/or Wood 'cause I constantly forget about them


Everyone sleeps on them it’s not even funny how much.

Good analysis . the piles should do more as they actually do nothing

Def shadow and wood. They’re suffering :c


did i mention crystal

Crystal is getting a rework sooo

She gettin’ one, dw

aint coming soon enough
also personally i think the rework wont solve it

Whats the problem?

crystal still is relatively slow and doesn’t do any DoT
could also use a base damage boost

i don’t know about speed but dmg is in order thx to its upcoming new feature

all light is good for is getting by everyone shat on so id say light

Lightning needs to be less of a pain to use in PvE


relies on bleed too much
is slow
does meh dmg
at least its big ig???
maybe it’ll be better with 2nd magics and freezing

when you think of ice magic, you don’t think slapping people with loud white shiny rocks, you think of debuffs and slowing your enemy down. although it’s already been confirmed by vetex that ice will NOT be getting this, i can still dream

Weren’t people crying about how good Ice is 'cause the bleed combo kinda stronk?

thats probably because they haven’t experienced ice in actual gameplay and probably just looked at the stats and went “wow 40% dmg boost htat’s sooo op ice op op!”

ah, well I never touched Ice so i got no say