Magic shapes on patreon

also wouldn’t it be cool if the different kind of crystal colors had their own shapes? (I mean general structure not like shaped blasts)

like emerald could grow hexagonal shaped and pillar blasts could be like giant columns of it or sapphire being trigonal shaped idk

I mean this would be really hard to put in the game since it would mess with the hitboxes and it wouldn’t make sense to have a different kind of hitbox for a color variant

Crystal is crymid

said the ink user :cold_face:

your magic is so dumb they removed it in AO :joy:

That was a joke and it’s gonna be unob soon also I use ash the drippiest magic

yeah it is tbh

it has an interesting gimmick so I might use it tho

you’re not gonna be able to keep it in AO :joy:

and wood is the drippiest stfu

The damage just ramps up if you hit ur shots not that good

I mean the title here will be unob not the magic stupid monkey also I use ash not ink like I said

Wood looks like turds rushing at you

good point and I have shit aim so I probably won’t use it

so you have chosen… death…

just use max size placed explosions

Oh shit you’re right…

no you don’t understand my aim is just that bad

I was an ink user (still am til’ AO drops)

Image result for what is blud waffling about meme

He is so still


let him think


Because of you I thought there were gonna be hat-shaped magic blasts