Magma Conjurer (and potentially other magic conjurers) desperately need buffs

Like the title says, magma conjurer needs a buff. Even with the conjurer buffs this doesnt help the fact that slow magics are absolutely horrible on conjurer. Weapons are primarly speed based with medium/small aoes (for most weapons) so using a slow chunky magic like magma doesnt help you much. Also since range is affected by speed by using magma your range is reduced to almost nothing for no reason.
My suggestion to fix this is either let attack speed scale fully on conjurer or make the minomum speed affinity on imbued weapons .8x (fast magics wouldnt be affected but it lets the slow chunkers be more affective).
I want to play magma conjurer as a conjurer and i dont want to play like a savant. Magma has no upsides for its huge drawbacks and something has to change.

I want to hear peoples opinions about this and about other potentially weak conjurer magics (like glass) to see the full scope of this issue.

Copying what I said in another topic:.

The Imbuement itself seems to be the problem. No matter which magic you have, you’ll get nerfed in one way or another. Be it in raw DMG, size, speed or something else.

There is also the fact that in most cases… Your imbuement is more of a nerf to your damage than a buff…

Most magics have a lower than 1x DMG multiplier. This means that your damage will be nerfed if you imbue it.

The fact that the other magic stats are also ‘negatively’ inherited by your imbuement also makes it a problem. Since if your magic is a slow and hard hitting one, your damage might not be nerfed due to your 1x damage multiplier, but your size and speed most likely will get nerfed.

In the end, there are very few magics where you don’t get nerfed in one way or another by using your Imbuement.

Sure, there are synergies with your inflicted status effects… But most of them seem to be bugged right now.

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you lose all your speed with a .6x speed multiplier for average damage and slightly larger aoes (most weapons are small so 20% isn’t that big and it’s also not even that special because magics like shadow and wind have them and are just way better)

Even in magics that have a high damage multiplier and end up not getting debuffed on their raw dmg, they end up getting nerfed in an equally terrible manner in either size or speed.

Imbuement, imo should be a positive buff, not a self-nerf T_T

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i think the solution to this is to keep the inherent buffs that happen when you imbue that are applied before the stats of the magic are.

They are getting removed on the next patch lol

Conjurer (Imbue):

  • Halve the effectiveness of size scaling

  • Multiply all magics damage multiplier by 1.1. This will make sure magics like Earth do more damage while imbued, in addition to making up for the size loss.

    • Fire: 0.825x → 0.9075x
    • Earth: 1x → 1.1x
    • No Imbue: 1x (Default)
    • Or just make it scale the same way Warlock imbuement does (almost the same result)
  • Apply bleed synergies immediately (This is a bug)

  • Inherent Size Buff: Removed

    • You will only get size increases from imbuements (unless the size buff for Conjurers on Trello was just never added)
    • This is also to match Warlord sizes.
      • Reminder for a Tester to check if Warlords do in fact get a size boost too, or else this might be cooked

conjurers when they find out they can unimbue their weapons

mfw thats basically the whole point of conjurer awakening

magma conjurer is fine, you’re just bad

Is it still fine for an awakening to literally nerf yourself instead of make you stronger then?

I agree that knowing when to imbue and when to unimbue weapons is important for a conjurer. But for some elements, there is just no reason to imbue in the first place.

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Hopefully :pray:

Doesn’t need a buff it’s just that magma conj is getting mad blue balls next update

shitty speed
less damage (bro idc about unimbue this unimbue that, it’s like telling a mage to just not use their 2nd magic [WHY IS IT JUST A BIG NERF TO YOURSELF FOR CERTAIN WEPS??])

for a little more aoe, whilst earth or crystal conjurers gon be eating soo good its not fair forreal :sob:

if i wanted to use magics and weapons without imbuing i’d go savant, I want to play conjurer not off brand savant


explain how? it removed bleed so you get less dot damage, it gets only 50% damage boost from synergy buff cuz of that hybrid nerf so that bonus 20% from removing bleed doesn’t impact it as hard, it doesn’t have large aoes (compared to other clunkers and some magics like wind and shadow), projectile range is based off of speed and since magma is so slow your projectiles go nowhere, you have insane endlag due to your speed, even with 100 speed your attacks are still way slower than a normal weapon because of the entire speed is 50% less effective thing. Literally just remove the entire fact that projectile range is based off of speed and/or add a limit to how slow your imbuements will go and then we’ll be fine, magma has none of the things that make it good as a magic (the puddles and insane clashing) because weapons auto win clashes and imbuements don’t make hazards, so you’re giving up what makes magma magma for a wee bit of aoe.

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:man_shrugging: if you want a solution to your problem with the current state of the build, then thats an option. ive been pvping loads with a lightning conjurer build and unimbuing when you need it helps a decent bit

lightning at least is usable when imbued, you just loose some damage but gain speed, magma on the otherhand you lose damage and speed for just barely larger aoes and that’s it

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As a lightning conjurer user i have to say it’s also fucking shit and i don’t use my weapons imbued because the speed difference barely makes a difference for some reason. Also the damage is TERRIBLE and the synergy is bugged rn

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I love bugged synergies indirectly harming conjurer!