Main problem with the innovation awards

There is a overbearing problem with the Innovation Awards 2024. With the introduction of in server voting for their favourite game this also has a lot of downsides.
One of them being bribing.
Look, i love TSB its a pvp game and i am a pvp Freak but the way they got 1.6 million votes is insane. You wanna know how they did it? Well, they bribed their community into giving people a developer exclusive item named ‘KJ’ If they win which is a really visually appealing class but the way they used it as a way to get more votes is unfair.

Throwback to glow squid winning

mfw i promise a incentive as long as they vote for me (they are just giving me access to a dev exclusive :broken_heart: )

(the game wont be playable)

It’s literally the First Past the Post voting system.

(It’s important to note that ROBLOX alone makes the decision of who wins)

thats more of the other things that are gonna be announced 2 months time.

I’m pretty sure Paradoxum Games did the same thing and promised that they’d release an exclusive skin for a tower if they won the award. They’ve been doing it for a while as they were nominated.

they have this same problem irl

Side problem: You can see the votes. You can just ask other people who is winning

You don’t even need to ask who’s winning, you can change predictions at any time.

But for voting you cant.

Also predictions are worth less points when done during live voting

Why would you need to know the winner when voting?

for points

You get 10 points when you vote, regardless of what you vote for. If you got extra points for voting for the winner, then it wouldn’t be a vote, it would just be predictions 2.