Make an Extra File Slot Obtainable Ingame

Make an Extra File Slot Obtainable Ingame
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Make an extra file slot obtainable ingame


There’s a super low chance to get a file expansion coupon from chests and fishing. When obtained you could use to get one more file slot or trade it to another player.

Reason to add/change

This would allow hardcore players to get extra file slots, while letting those with robux to spare buy extra slots and support the devs.

yes and no
i get what you mean but at the same time it would disinsentivise buying the +3 file gamepass which is a good stream of revenue towards the game

Okay… but why?

It’s not a bad thought in theory but there just isn’t a point in adding something like this to the game.
And as Spider_Language pointed out; it could potentially lower the sales of the +3 file gamepass which is one of the game’s few sources of income.

Considering that Robux only has a 30% conversion rate and Vetex likely has to pay taxes on top of that, messing with one of the game’s few sources of income just isn’t a good idea.


There is no real reason for this to get added, and if you want to get more save files? Just use an alt or buy the gamepass.

I don’t really want to make the +3 slot gamepass to be even less useful when it is one of the methods for vetex to get money like the others said.

The gamepass is expensive but yeah I don’t see this getting added at all.

Already seeing you didn’t delete the template makes me wonder if this suggestion would ever make sense.

Extremely low quality (Didn’t delete template), probably took 3 minutes to come up with and make, would hurt the value of the 6 files gamepass, doesn’t make any sense, and would generally take too long to make and implement for something players wouldn’t enjoy.

Sorry for getting bullied by ratings, but you need to step up your game here.

… no… Wtf? This… ruins the purpose of the 6 slot game pass. Not even useful in general. Get an alt…


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

nah fam
pay the fees or get fed to the bees

You thought, ngl im not sure how’d this be an item in game.
and I was just thinking about the lore, the lore saying “You have 2 lives because you have extra life file”

One word…


No. Kind of pointless

waste of time

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