Make arcane an independent game?

Here is a suggestion. Since Arcane Odyssey is dying cuz it’s on Roblox, why not make it an independent game? It would definitely get WAYY more popular than it is right now and the game would become even better!! It would allow for more ideas for development too, which isn’t possible with the limited amount of Roblox Models and scripts!

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to be honest it would have gotten way less attention if it was outside roblox

what the hell are you on. AO is in a really good spot??? averaging 2k daily and over 10k each update is considered dying??

Nah, with the way It is now AO cannot be the same IF it isn’t from Roblox, every inch of the game’s system cannot be replicated perfectly if it’s done from any other game makers aside from the bosses.

It’s in a good spot right now, plus If I remember I think AA’s highest player count was at 500? 700? or something idk kind of forgot infos on AA. So the fact that it has 2k right now even if the hype is gone is good enough.


I swear AA got on front pages one time

I think it did lol, not surprising considering it got a game review from years ago. It probably also had 1k+ players once or twice too, maybe even more.

because then vetex would have to learn to code in a whole other system, keeping it to roblox will ensure its quality more since he already knows how to code in it

If it wasn’t on roblox, it wouldn’t be alive.


Just because it’s not getting hundreds of thousands of players, doesn’t mean it’s dying. It still does better than many of the games on the front page.

One of the only reasons it isn’t too popular is probably because of the age rating. All the most popular ones on the front page are All Ages, or 9+. Because they’re made for literal children.

17 concurrent players :fire:


Isn’t Roblox making every property on the platform their own? It’d probably get shut down, if I’m honest.

omg definitely, ive literally never ever heard of a game on steam being dead on arrival

im convinced you have to have deved atleast once off and on roblox to realize how generous roblox is with services

would be weird if it wasn’t on the front page when dantdm had made a video on it lol

i mean lets say the actual game is good and isn’t a problem. there’s like 200k people on the server, 50k online. if vetex says it on the discord it would probably have like a good amount.

but yeah there’s just not enough reasons to go to another platform

May I also remind some people Vetex was on Roblox since… 13. You heard that. Since he was a kid, he already started making games, which were apparently even popular back then.

If he were to move, he’d be starting that all over again. From scratch.

Why move on to something entirely new when you already have a place to use that you’ve spent years on?

I know, Roblox does suck, but it is what he’s most familiar with the most. And hey, he doesnt owe Unity his whole life savings, so there’s that.

And it aint dead, I’m someone who likes to try out a lot of MMORPGs on the platform when they appear, and a lot literally die off to just less than 100 players in a few months. The fact that AO still has this amount in this game genre proves that it isnt dead, and won’t be (as long as Roblox doesnt break it). It also has less players than it should’ve due to limited access (PC only + over 13 only)

For WoM, yeah, lots of people believed he should’ve moved out of Roblox for that game, but the issue was fixed with the revamp, so it’s fine as it is now.


If it was that simple and popular, then Vetex and a lot more other Roblox Devs would’ve already done it

AO players not trying to say “The game is dying”

If they want to see a dying game, AR is right next door