Make explosion charging remove the bleed status effect

Exactly what the title says. Doesn’t make sense how it’s a heat based magic yet can’t do it.

Also because its extremely underpowered compared to its higher ups.

Ash also can’t do it, bleed nerd.


Other than Ash, it rn is probs better than fire/plasma/lightning/(arguably)magma

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Is it even heat based? It wins clashes against water and ink which none of the other heat-based magics do

You would need to make it clear bleeding all the time, including when attacking a bleeding target, which isnt a good thing in that case.
…And it’s not really especially heat-based, it’s just the official boom magic. Like, its only trait is boom, and it’s also not a fire explosion or else why bother having 2 fire magics as starters.

If you do this you have to make ash charging remove the bleed because it clearly has embers still inside the ashes.

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^ The only way I’m voting for this

i mean an explosion is like… the outward-pushing force or the release of energy
not necessarily the heat or light that comes with it

because you dont say something explodes when you see light or feel heat.


If explosion and ash don’t cure bleed, then they should at least be able to work underwater (or at least just explosion, since it’s literally a shockwave).

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honestly just make Explosion deal more damage underwater

Explosion should be BOOM magic, so no. (Also, make explosion work underwater, I compiled lot’s of scientific evidence and facts on why explosion should work underwater).

exactly, it’s actually DEADLIER underwater and travels further cuz the water-

And also legit ruptures your lungs, liver, and anything else that is squishy, partly water, and part air


Also is it just me, or did the UI for the forum just change into a dark blue and grey color pallete?

yeah AO theme

Huh so im not going insane, gunna post this on #game-discussion

I already did

Ah. I see.

But someone else beat me to it…

Also, charging heat stopping bleeding doesn’t make sense…You literally have to burn yourself to stop bleeding.