Make OG Impact a Lost Fighting Style

Make OG Impact a Lost Fighting Style
effort 2.714285714285714 7 quality 1.666666666666667 6 reasonability 1.5 8


My proposal is simple make OG impact a lost fighting style, and make what Vetex is revamping impact to currently a separate fighting style.

Reason to add/change

This would make Impact balanced because lost fighting styles are supposed to be OP, and it would be fun to keep impact ingame.


no they’re not

lost fighting styles are supposed to be unique not op -____-

yeah but what’s more unique than the autoclicker pocket nuke


impact fist but its capped at 2 punches/kicks/etc. and goes off unconditionally on the third punch/kick/etc. for 2x damage

This is absolutely fucking STUPID.

I’m not even giving you stars for the quality of this and reasonability for how dogshit of an idea this is, but 5 stars for effort, because, to even suggest this, you’d need balls (or ovaries, if you’re biologically female) of tungsten carbide.

Okay but fr, no. Lost and Primoridals are meant to be GIMMICKS mainly. NOT overpowered. Besides, OG Impact Fist wasn’t even fucking fun to use or fight. It ruined AA.
Get your mind into some sensibility.


Its not like impact fist was a gimmick.


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No. Hell no. :sleeper:

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How the hell does that matter? It was still far too ridiculously overpowered.
A lost/primordial is a BALANCED GIMMICK.

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Then why would you go through the effort of getting a super rare item for it just to be balanced.

By that logic you might as well give 0.1% of players free admin.


isn’t that what legendary weapons are lol

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Because it’s a game…? It’s… Supposed to be fun. Not having an instant win button or anything.
I swear, you’re trolling, aren’t you? This has to be a troll alt.

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this is my main i just have no shame

You’ve gotta be trolling. Nobody would ever think legendary weapons are like “free admin” or that gimmicks aren’t supposed to be balanced.
Fess up.

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lets be real here
what’s more fun than pocket nuking someone who was foolish enough to take the game seriously


I hate you.


It’s suppose to be fun for both parties.

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