Make treasure map instructions more specific

Make treasure map instructions more specific
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We can all agree that the Current Way is very Bad, yes? Potential changes:

Replace height indicators (eg. by the sea, on a cliff, on a high-cliff) with area indicators. Examples:

On a beach/by the sea
By a river/waterfall/lake (Eg. Palo Town, Whitesummit)
On a plateau (eg. the high, flat areas on Frostmill or Shell Island)
In a canyon (eg. Wind-Row Island)
On a pillar (Eg. Shell Island)
On a hill
On a cliff

Add biome indicators (for where it applies; places like frostmill, dawn, or shell are all one type).
In a tundra
In a forest
In a plain

Make distance indicators more specific. It should go from “At the center” to “About a quarter-ways” to “About halfway” to “Three quarters from” to “At the edge”.


Bro , what you mean , I can easly find Charts…

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I hate doing treasure maps on these islands specifically. I dont know if Im a bit “special” and dont understand the words on the page, but if sentence says “West-Northwest” I shouldnt be finding it on the southern edge of a cliff, or the “Western Edge” of Frostfall and yet its somehow on the most northern cliff on the island. Its wack.


what about just adding some kind of indicator to tell you if you’re getting further away or closer to a chart location.


For this Godawful opinion, I sentence you to 30 hours of solving frostmill treasure charts.


Literal hell at sea

@TheoreticalExistence That could be nice. Maybe you could buy a magic compass that leads you to an area where the loot is, or something like that.

It is a bit goofy that we have magic islands and the ability to create matter from near nothing, yet we need to go off the words of a random criminal to find his long buried loot.

Charts are specific enough tbh. I can usually find them within 5-10 minutes max. This would require a lot of unnecessary work, and slow down development.

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theres going to be revealing potions that i’m assuming is going to help with treasure charts

For the love of god please, I would craft ten trillion of these if there was

no, not really. You would just place regional markers on the areas that you want to be marked a specific way. When generating a treasure location, you would do a collision check for any markers you’ve placed, which would be used to assign an indicator to the map instructions. I could write the code for it in 30 minutes, and I could label a large island in 15.

yes “I” can too easily find charts it is just going to take 2 hours of digging on the same island for no fun whatsoever

My main problem with charts right now is they make the game boring checking every area for that one space your missed is what I wouldn’t call “fun”

aka easy doesn’t mean it’s fast to do
like waiting, waiting is easy so therefore you can wait forever right?

doing charts is easy there is no enemy to deal with there is no way to kill your self therefore there needs no change
see the problem with that reasoning?

I don’t like this one. The whole point of treasure charts is solving them. If the game does the work of triangulating the location for you, then anything beyond “it’s buried at wind-row, good luck lmao” would be useless.

also if this was a joke please play

Oh boy, I love playing the hit board game “Battleships” except the game is Arcane Odyssey and theres no ships and I have to dig in each individual gridded area of an island in order to find a chest.


Honestly it isnt as bad on all the islands, and I am hamming it up a bit, but the select few where its bad or absolutely horrendous ruin it

any other way is going to be:
1: A passive pain the ass for vetex
(figuring out how to make the clues more accurate while keeping it randomized)
2: A massive pain the ass for the players
(what we have right now)

it’s mainly size, isn’t it? Think frostmill, ravena, shell. The bigger it is, the harder it is to grid search, the more nooks and cranies you have to dig in.

for me i would like if the charts had optional “clues” that you can find
(that gives a little more loot from the chart to make up for the time getting said clues)
like left over gear and foot steps facing the way you need to dig

and worse comes to worse have it so you can pay a NPC to help you track it down

There are already plans to make treasure charts easier using profession progression