Make your characters culture more obvious

REASON: This suggestion is for the more casual, non trello reading players. They don’t know jack about the game and nothing tells them about their culture except for the shops they visit. However, they probably don’t even know what Vistarian, Alalean, Castlian’s even are. They most likely think it’s just a random prefix for the weapons and then get confused on why they can’t buy other cultures gear. I know that it shows the culture on the world map, but there isn’t alot of people who actually check it.

Suggestion: Vetex can make the culture of your character a statistic that can be viewed and have it appear on the file select screen. I know it says “Hometown”, but casual players don’t know the significance of that. When creating a file and it has the start up message, there should be an add-on to that text on the bottom saying "You are vistarian/castlain/etc.
I don’t expect this to get accepted, but this is just a minor quality of life change for our casual players who haven’t read up on every culture.

At the very least, when you first create a character it could say:
“You were born in [insert hometown here], a [insert culture here]ian town/village/whatever.”

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the tutorial should simply get updated imo


It does say the culture of places on the map, no?

Yes, but I addressed that already in my post :fr: We’re talking about casual/blind players here, the tutorial doesn’t even tell them how to use the world map.

I’m going to hope that, when the trial for getting first magic is added (if it still is) then there should be a tutorial there for buying a dagger (of your culture) and using it and it should explain culture there.
If not, then just bolt that onto the tutorial.

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