Making memes everyday until AO releases (THE SEQUEL)

for all my dearest fans who were waiting on those memes im sorry they never came but im back and im sure ill have a lot of material!

day 1

What vetcord and the forum thinks Lady Carina looks like:
Bayonetta - ☾ - Wattpad
(peep ravenna in the background :joy_cat: )


people who pick shadow magic because “it has good stats”:

people who pick shadow magic because they want to be edgy and don’t really care about how good it is:



Hey your finnaly getting reasonable


people who just pick the magic they want to have fun with:


Sorry i missed the last two days but its good :nod:

Day 2

Iris being stuck in an eternal loop of torment from this community
Lady carina:
Mercy Offers a Hand | Know Your Meme

day 3

Joesph joestar takes a peek at lady carina during the “shower cutscene”:Jojo Jojos Bizarre Adventure GIF - Jojo Jojos Bizarre Adventure Joseph  Joestar - Discover & Share GIFs

Bonus meme for my absence

I dont need a tutorial mfs 5 seconds after part 26
kratos falling meme - YouTube

I missed 2 days again :skull:
this might become a thing ngl

Day 4

Wood users trying to convince people to use their shitty magic
Cry About It (Bee Movie) | Cry About It | Know Your Meme

Day 5

Iron leg upgrades:
Image result for tinfoil man meme

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Can’t wait for boxing fist upgrades so we get better ways to fist people with gloves

feel free to give me ideas :grin:

i missed yesterday because i lost my computer :fr:

Day 6

The player going straight to jail after fighting lady carina:
Saul Goodman Saul Goodman Meme GIF - Saul Goodman Saul Goodman Meme Better  Call Saul - Discover & Share GIFs

Day 7

Expert anglers room:
55 White Padded Room Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

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Sorry everybody im going to be gone for the weekend so i cant post anymore memes until monday.

Again and again…

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a mi me gusta las memes

Day 8

Vetex before and after announcing patreon:
Rags 2 Riches by Khuong Pham on Dribbble

Day 9

Patreons after getting the power to post images and getting their own chat with NO RULES
at level 1 :
Come on, how bad can i possibly be? Memes - Imgflip

Day 10

How the hospital feels after contacting vetex after 3 YEARS to tell him about a 1.5k bill :skull: :
Who Is GigaChad: Meme, Digital Creation or Russian Model?

@OLEG im back for real for real this timeee

Huh ?

North is American. I’m pretty sure this is a reference to how much American hospitals suck (we have to pay just to be treated in order to stay alive).

Lol, I don’t have these problems in Switzerland we have the highest HDI cuz we chads :sunglasses:

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