Max mino vs major

A fight between a max hp mino, meaning everyone in the server attacks them atleast once, vs a major
Who will win?

what r majors? those captain mfs?

the majors curbstomp the fuck out of mino


no majors were magic council npcs that spawned when you had a bounty of 5000 crowns
they were around level 3500 to 4000

like captains but on steroids; even higher levels than the player could get. i think they were removed a long time ago if they existed in the game

holy fuck

yeah i have a hunch the majors win

video btw

oh thisll be good

LMAO yeah major is winning

those damn edits are killing me

I thought mino doesnt have a max

the max is the amount of people a server can hold

What if someone left and a new person joined and then they hit him wouldn’t it go up?

it would so technically mino doesnt have a max like you said
but for the sake of this topic you just gotta assume people dont leave and rejoin to hit him again

anyways it would probably take like 40 people just for mino to have a chance :skull:

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hi nuc


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:skull: level 3500…

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