May Have Found A Way To Easily Kill Bosses In WoM

Ok so since i’ve reached my previous goal of reaching 696.9 hours, I decided on another goal which is hoarding as much boss items as possible before AO gets released. Now when I was fighting Minotaur, I noticed that he can only do the ranged attack which is the axe throw on me when there’s a distance between us in a horizontal line. The moment I went above him, which is a vertical line, he isnt throwing his axe anymore. Dunno if this is also the case for Exiled but since the axe throw is a ranged attack, perhaps it’ll work the same as Minotaur’s ranged attack. Once you’re above them, they dodge less on your attacks and pretty much becomes easier to kill them now since not only will they not use ranged attack, they’re also easier to hit.

Now with this information, this would perhaps make hunting bosses even more easier and pretty much go above them and spam the 20 blast barrage. Oh yeah, just dont get close enough for them to use the self AoE attack when above them.

Really? I was fighting Minotaur once and I was on a high platform and he was still spamming his axe, the only difference was his reduced movement like you mentioned

Oh well perhaps there were some distance between you in a horizontal line. Pretty much all I did was directly go above him without any distance in a horizontal line and he stopped throwing his axe.

Makes sense ig, but I probably won’t bother as much with boss grinding since the weapons won’t even exist in TGR, unless the compensation is something relatively similar.

Welp, im pretty much just hoarding them now since they’ll become items unobtainable in AO and since i’ve already reached my previous goals of reaching max reputation, 696.9 hours and an inventory that could atleast freeze your frame for a few seconds when opening.

Yeah he still spams his axe throw when youre at high ground

We’re you directly above him?

Yes but there is an exception one time

When I was on really high ground near Summerhold, he didnt use his axe throw once and just kept spamming the spin move

Odd, he was also just spamming his spin move when I was directly above him never throwed his axe. Guess it was just my luck that he never threw it when im directly above him.

I killed Mino at lvl 80 by cheesing him with beams on a high platform after he’d throw is axe. ofc, it helps to have Ash so cloud damage go brrr

How I fight Minotaur:

  • Turn Bad Rep
  • Stand next to Minotaur before fighting
  • Charge up 20 Blast Attack and Release
  • Get far away from him after
  • Use Singular Blast Attacks and beams while he charges and/or axe throws at you. You can also try circling around him if needed.

Also if you ever need to charge up your magic then just get far and charge and the moment he dashes or throws his axe just go into the other direction. I use light but I’m sure this will help for other Magics too but probably not for slow Magics besides the beams part

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