Me out of the house: Day 1

I left the house at around 12 pm. I arrived at another place 2 hours later. I met my * annoying * cousin there.

I was playing roblox with her and my laptop was FUCKING POTATO. Some games, I couldn’t even run a roblox game with 60 straight FPS and 1 graphics.

For some reason I decided to look into the settings (windows pc settings) of my cousin’s computer and found out she HAD AN i7-7700(?) while I had an i5 on my GOOD pc. I currently don’t have the chance to look at her full specs and forgot how to. All I currently know about my good pc is that it has an i5 and GTX 1650.

While there, I fucked my ability to access the DevForums. I assume this is the case because on that IP, an <13 account is connected/logged in (my cousin is <13 AND USES DISCORD).

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You good?


why are you sharing this information to strangers on the internet

because yes

thats a pretty good computer

perfectly valid