Me trying to find out what happened on the forum while I was gone


Best thing that happened: Bikini Femtex


Well femtex survived

Someone posted pipe bomb recipe and received a 1000 year ban.


It never dies

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saw a reddit post of him complaining about his ban lmao my ass off

I think I’m seeing a yes, I’m so glad you agree :nod: :+1:

It’s now time for femlevel80 coward

I’ll start working on it right now ;3

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hell yea

That and bikini femtaur

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Did I stutter lmao

no you didnt


I am in the same boat man.

We drank a lot, I became friends, sort of-ish with liuser, there is always more fem of something art, here were 2 art collabs, we haave new magic elementals, a lot of trello stuff, and dinosaur debates.

Perfect synopsis. Jk.

All you need to know is booba

Then go back to your 3 month slumber or whatnot

Theres was not datboi doing the ae thing i guess