Meet the warrior

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So you want to be a warrior, huh?
Well first, you need to put at least 60% of your stats into weapon. Then, you need a weapon. Now, you can start thrusting into people left and right! But be careful, chances are, early game weapons are going to be terrible. So watch out!

Warrior Benefits

When I say “Warrior Benefits”, I don’t mean what you can get and unlock, because chances are you already know what you can get. And if you don’t, pretty much having a warrior build you can get a special aura around your weapons, and it makes your weapons stronger. I know, boring.
As a warrior, a whole new combat style opens up. Forget standing still at a range and tossing fire balls! If your a warrior, you will thrust into your opponents like a MAN! And I don’t care if your a woman!
Warriors can also counter magic users, as seen in demo/pvp videos. With fast casting attacks, you can easily punish any cocky magic user!
Although, you do have less of a playing field due to magic users having more attacks, and longer range, this can make up for it due to fast attacks, and a plethora of different weapons to choose from.
Want to be a smooth brained neanderthal that spams AOE weapons? You got it, here’s your club/hammer/mace.
Want to turn into your average American/Cowboy? We have guns. Loads of em’. You wanna use 2 guns at once? Sure! You want to use 1 gun? Don’t really see why you would do that when you can use 2, but alright!
Wanna make an ABA combo in a magic game? We indeed can create ABA combos.
You probably get the picture, but being a weapon main will probably almost never get so boring. Once you get a high enough level(guessing that there will be level reqs for weapons), you can be almost anything(except for a mage)!

Don’t get me wrong, being a Warrior will be hard work. Combat will be a bit harder, for one. And don’t forget early game(early game warrior :skull: ). But I assure you, choosing Warrior as your Arcane Odyssey Build will not disappoint.

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