Meh whatever. As it’s sounding we’re now about to become Astrea

Basically. Kriegsherren but better name. It’s mostly based around war and seas and gods and shit. Basically every single AA clan ever but the legacy of spearbreak carries it now.

Here’s the logo

We’ll do 3 everyone pings for both the name. How the name is labeled. And the logo

This is the second one made by rodent

So… yes um… Spearbreak but infinitely better in every way possible. (Note to sparky, tomi, grim, and karma) bans are getting reset for members in tgr in case you want a chance to redeem yourself.

To everyone else. Um join. Yeah…


of ender

tomi pov:

dnc (dnc) do not care


whos karma? also keep tomi and grim banned.

Fan fic maker

And im mostly doing this as a little test. If grim and tomi end up being like they were before they’ll never be let back in again.
If they have changed doe :man_shrugging:

Apparently they made really bad NSFW fanfic, but i’ve communicated with them for a while on the fandom and they’re very chill.

There could be a side to them i’m not seeing though, or they just left that kind of thing behind

Karma isn’t a bad person, they’re just weird is all. The fanfic they made just made some people uncomfortable, but they’re a nice person. I’ve been in vc with them.

They’ve drawn art of Fang (My main character and WoM/AO OC) several times, their art is really good. If I wasn’t on the forum I would’ve never known they did that

fan fiction maker that makes weird/NSFW topics.
from what I’ve seen from them, in my opinion, they’re a chill person; he/she just makes very bizzare and outlandish fiction

I’m too late to reply :frcryin:


Yo. I highly suggest training for this. You have a shot back into the guild along with everyone else so we’d love to see how you’ve improved

Oh we haven’t at all lmao

I am taking a month long wom break and it ends when my exams finish (1 week) then I can un rust and train a bit

Alr. Btw the training isn’t just AO training. You can do it for other games as well

train your mental in rogue lineage, if you can reach ultra class without wanting to kill yourself you pass

abandon rogue
Abandon wom
Abandon life