Melee setups

Aight so I recently got a sunken sword (flex) and just for fun, I wanna know some melee only setups you can make for pvp.

melee aint that viable anymore

but if you want a build, what i can suggest;

  • ash or poison magic (the aoe is good for damage/keeping your opponent in a certain area)
  • hard mino
  • hard/strong strength amulet
  • hard/strong defense amulet
  • swift sunken sword (strong is still okay but swift outclasses it)
  • strong oathkeeper
  • hard vast/heavy woj (mighty crash is shit dont use it lol)

try not to rely solely on weapons. use the magic somewhat too

Strong oath, strong or hard vast (depends on how good youre at blocking) and swift sunken sword + strong mino set, strong strength amulet and hard def amulet (amulets all dull ofc)
Its the only setup that works. Or if you have insane aim then a bow is also good. Any other weapon is beyond garbage. Other sets dont work either since youll be dealing wayyy too little dmg.

ive tried strong mino
its way too glass honestly

You will need it. 806 hp and somewhat decent dmg output. Any other setup deals wayy too little dmg.

i mean you cant rely solely on weapons. duel wielding magics/weapons is what makes weapons good. your magic can make hard mino good

Weapons mains do indeed need to use magic as well but if youre gonna use weapons you will need to deal decent dmg with them. And hard mino just doesnt. Your dmg output is absolute garbage on both sides then. Hard mino doesnt work. Either you commit your set to deal decent dmg with weapons and mix it with low magic dmg or you dont use weapons at all.

fair point
im just saying that because i used crystal and hard mino and it worked pretty well
really the only viability of strength is for bleed for your magic, thats probably what carried me there

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