Message From the Ministry of State (我们的)

MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTRY OF STATE (我们的) 25,245,264 Vetex Credits have been removed from your account! Bad work citizen, Do not publicly disclose your opinion which can make our holy state look bad. Glory to the Vetexgames Communist Party!

[来自国家部的消息] 25,245,264 Vetex Credits 已从您的帐户中删除!糟糕的工作公民,不要公开发表你的意见,这会让我们的神圣状态看起来很糟糕。荣耀 Vetexgames 共产党!


(probably loud)

Im going abuse V(etex) bucks codes

POV: You discussed about Mod actions


榮耀歸於頂點!Vetex is greater then us all.

Why have you made this you have only given them something to rally around

Stand down sir!

I just had a seizure trying to read this Mandarin