Metal Magic Variations

Metal Magic Variations
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Copper : Copper ball copper sphere - The Crystal Healer
Rusted Iron :

Oxidized Copper :
Brass : image
Silver : image
If you have any other metals, please reply with them and I will credit and add.

think of it as a kind of washed out gold.

(dont have a great image, should be a blue-tinted iron)

basically white iron

It should do +333% dmg to antivaxxers

EDIT: Guys, this post was written over a year ago. Stop liking it and go touch some goddamned grass.


100% instakill on anti vaxxers


I like the way you think

As well as, fire magic, wind magic, any rusty sword, every sword, every weapon, earth magic, paper magic, ink magic, sand magic, much more. Gotta infect those cuts

use acid magic against an open wound caused by a rusty blade

It’s pointless, they would die of Tetanus before you can even cast your circle, what I would do is grab a handful of dirt and rub it in the wound, to speed up the process yknow?

So that’s why mud magic is powerful enough to be a “lost magic”.

love the rusted iron

Rusted Metal could cause a DOT effect but be just as slow and weaker than Iron
Silver could be a faster smaller Gold
Brass should be a balanced metal magic
Copper should Be Bass BOOSTED by lightning I’m talking like a x4 increase in size and power

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There was some rusted weaponry in AA that increased the chances of inflicting the infection debuff but making rusted metal have an exclusive DoT wouldn’t make it a purely aesthetic variation anymore

These are great but there’s some issues with them

Rusted is ugly, only people memeing will go for it

Brass in terms of roblox textures is gonna be too similar to gold

Same issue with silver, it’s just gonna be too similar to iron, maybe just lighter colored

Oxidized copper sticks out and doesn’t really follow the same textures as other variants, it’d be too different to be a variant

Copper is fine but I’m struggling to imagine a copper ingot for the magic icon

Point made brother

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Metal Magic includes all the variants that Iron and Gold Magic had, with the stats of Iron Magic. Rusted isn’t that ugly using you for comparison

Brass can just be a lighter Gold and Silver Lighter Iron
Oxidized coper is an orange and green magic Copper normally would be just an more orange variant of the standard ingot

Paper and Ink are now gone brother

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s an interesting idea but it’d mean you’d need to either make metal magic do that in general or make rusted iron a separate magic (which won’t happen obviously)

wym bro i’d use rusted metal unironically

I would like a copper/bronze variation