"Metapoly" doesn't make sense

If “Meta” means ‘most effect tactic available,’ and poly means several/many, that would mean that Metapoly means “many most effective tactics available.” but how can there be many if only one is truly the best?

where are you getting this info

thats what it stands for my man

Why tf did you think we call stuff “the meta”?

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No, it’s short for metagame.


Technically that’s not what Meta means but that’s what 99% of people define it as anyways, however it’s actually just an abbreviation for metagame which, based off google, means “ignoring fun or lore aspect of the game and maximizing the numerical advantages”.


my brother in christ it is a username it does not matter


Then I guess that still applies to what we call “meta” because using a meta is ignoring the fun of using whatever you want and maximizing damage, which would be the numerical advantage.

Meta can differ from certain gamemodes/playstyle and such

Example is TF2, The Meta for Normal Gameplay, Competitive, and MvM is extremely different from each other, making a Metapoly.

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its a (probably) well thought out contrasting username tho :person_shrugging: